Mushroom Nets

An efficient way of producing mushrooms

Phormium produces several types of growing nets for mushroom production in the Dutch bedding system. The type of net to be used depends on the length of the beds.

 PH TM 12 Glide + is a strong growing net for beds up to 60 metres long. The high level of wear resistance and shrinkage resistance means that the fabric is perfectly suited to modern automated mushroom cultivation. PH TM 12 LS Glide + is the Low Stretch version of PH TM 12 Glide +.

The use of aramid yarns means that the PH TM 14 Glide + mushroom fabric offers even greater tensile strength with lower stretch. This means the growing mat is suitable for beds up to 75 metres long.

The use of a larger portion of aramid yarns than on PH TM 14 Glide + means that PH TM 16 Glide + is even stronger while the stretch remains low. This makes the growing mat suitable for beds of more than 75 metres long.

All nets are finished with reinforced edges, with seams to insert the connecting rod, and with loops to pull the nets back into the beds after emptying them.