Vertical screens

Long lasting suppleness

Phormium offers a complete range of vertical screens which can be applied both as a facade screen and as a partition; or under certain conditions, as a rolling roof screen.


Energy saving screens

To maximize energy saving, growers can complement their horizontal screen with a gable screen. To combine energy saving with maximal light transmission, Phormium offers several solutions: 

  • PhormiTex Crystal V is a clear flame retardant rolling screen that consists of extremely transparent components. The result is a very high light transmission. Even at smaller incidence angles, light transmission remains exceptionally high. This is important because a vertical screen mainly captures sunlight at angles less than 45°.
  • PhormiTex PHL 20 is a clear flame retardant screen with high insulation capacity. 
  • PHL 20 is transparent non flame retardant screen with high insulation capacity
  • PhormiLux Outdoor is transparent non flame retardant screen with high insulation capacity and is reinforced for outdoor use. 

Where shading is required, PHL 55 offers both shading and cooling thanks to the aluminum tapes. 


Black-out screen

PHL White and its flame retardant alternative PhormiTex Noctis V are completely white and thus maximise light reflection. Gev-Al White has an aluminum side facing the sun and a white side facing the plants. The aluminum increases energy saving or can help to keep the sunlight out. The white side reflects assimilation light.

All 3 screens can be used for complete black out as well. 


All gable screens have a higher wear resistance, a longer lifespan and lasting suppleness when rolled.