About us

Phormium is a leading Belgian producer and supplier of innovative screens and ground covers which serves the agriculture and horticulture industries for a wide range of applications such as greenhouse climate control, water distribution, weed control and mushroom growing. 

Our history

Phormium was founded in 1925 as a jute weaving mill. Phormium is the type of flax that was used.

In 1977, Phormium introduced its first climate screens. 

In 1986 Phormium became a part of Low & Bonar PLC. and was rebranded.

In 2017 Low & Bonar's agrotextiles division became part of International Fibres Group

Since 2018, the globally recognized brand for agrotextiles is back!

Our Phormium Research Centre

Phormium has its own in-house Research Centre and laboratory. Since the first launch of patented climate screens in the seventies, new innovative agrotextiles are always in progress.