About us

Phormium is a leading Belgian producer and supplier of innovative screens and ground covers which serves the agriculture and horticulture industries for a wide range of applications such as greenhouse climate control, water distribution, weed control and mushroom growing. 

Our history


Our Phormium Research Center

Phormium has its own in-house Research Center and laboratory. Since the first launch of patented climate screens in the seventies, new innovative agrotextiles are always in progress. 

Our sales team

Our sales team

Front (l-r) :

Rémy Ballet: remy.ballet@phormium.com
Sales Manager French speaking countries

Vitalina Tsourkan: vitalina.tsourkan@phormium.com
Sales Manager Russia, Eastern Europe & Scandinavia

Back (l-r) :

Tayyar Erzurumlu: tayyar.erzurumlu@phormium.com
Sales Manager Middle East, East Africa & Asia

Joshua Gauche: joshua.gauche@phormium.com
Sales Manager North America & UK

Peter Ollevier: peter.ollevier@phormium.com
Sales & Marketing Director

Arjan van der Veer: arjan.vanderveer@phormium.com
Sales Manager The Netherlands

Foto : Hortidaily

Marta Gentile: marta.gentile@phormium.com
Sales Manager Latin-America, Spain, Portugal & Italy


Jesse Verbeke: jesse.verbeke@phormium.com
Application Manager

Els De Martelaer: els.demartelaer@phormium.com


Commercial Team

Brigit Brocken: brigit.brocken@phormium.com
Customer Service Manager

Miriam D'hauwer: miriam.dhauwer@phormium.com
Customer Service Representative

Gizem Demirhan: gizem.demirhan@phormium.com

Customer Service Representative (Turkiye)