Phormium screens are very strong. Unlike all other traditional knitted screens, most Phormium screens (**) are woven. The advantages are great:

  • The strongest and highest quality yarns, such as HDPE, are used. The Phormium factory in Lokeren has state-of-the-art production facilities and produces most of the yarns entirely in-house.
  • The unique woven technology provides yarns in both directions of the screen. This creates a robust, durable structure that guarantees many years of efficient use.
  • This results in a longer lifetime and a much lower cost of ownership (up to more than 30%(!) lower, see case study below).
  • Backed by a unique 8 year warranty.
  • The long life of the woven Phormium screens means that they are the most sustainable & environmentally friendly choice. The choice for a Phormium screen thus contributes to the reduction of the use of fossil fuel based materials.

The Phormium factory in Lokeren (BE) is part of the world famous weaving industry in Flanders. Phormium has translated the advanced high-tech knowledge of weaving into superior screen solutions. As the only woven screen manufacturer in the world, Phormium is fully vertically integrated: from yarn extrusion, weaving beam production, weaving & knitting to tailor-made finishing, Phormium has all the know-how under one roof!

Phormium has become a leading global player in the segment of screens for horticultural greenhouses for more than 30 years. Growers all over the world, with greenhouses in the most diverse climate zones, experience in practice that the woven Phormium screens are unbeatable in terms of useful lifetime.

Based on that experience, Phormium extends the warranty on all woven screens to 8 years. Of course, the real lifespan of the woven Phormium screens is even higher. Depending on the specific circumstances, the screens can last up to twice the warranty period.

Growth driven, Future proof

(*) 8 year warranty on physical integrity, under normal conditions of use.
(**) Phormium also produces a knitted screen: PhormiTex Crystal (& Crystal V as gable screen) is the most transparent energy screen on the market, with a high number of yarns for humidity transport. When not in use, the bundle of Crystal is minimal to ensure maximum light penetration in the greenhouse. The warranty on Phormitex Crystal is 5 years


Lider Gida, Turkey

Erdem Çelik, General Manager of Lider Gıda, Turkey:

"We have been using Phormium woven screens for many years in our tomato greenhouses. We choose Phormium because, in addition to excellent shading and energy-saving properties, they also have an incomparably long lifetime. It ensures that we can save significantly on the replacement costs of the screen, the labor costs and the associated organization. In other words, the cost of ownership is a lot lower compared to knitted screens. Lider Gıda (Trabzon, TR) is one of the largest producers of quality tomatoes in Turkey with 37ha of greenhouses "

Sanfiero Orchids, The Netherlands

Lennart Stolze , General Manager of Sanfiero Orchids, The Netherlands:

“We were looking for an energy screen which was strong and durable so it would last for years and that’s how we ended up at Phormium. More than 13 years ago, PhormiTex Bright was installed in the first part of the greenhouse and we are still happy with it. Therefore, it was logical that last year, when we renovated the other part of the greenhouse, we preferred working with the Belgian manufacturer Phormium again.”