Vertical screens

Long lasting suppleness

Phormium offers a complete range of vertical screens which can be applied both as a facade screen and as a partition, and under certain conditions, as a rolling roof screen.

The shading/energy gable screens PHL20, PHL 55, PHL 66 and PHL 77 are used inside the greenhouse, and Phormilux Outdoor is used outside (can be used indoors).

PHL White and Gev-Al White can be used for black out, assimilation lighting and energy saving.

PhormiTex Crystal V is a clear flame retardant rolling screen that consists of extremely transparent components. The result is a very high light transmission. Even at smaller incidence angles, light transmission remains exceptionally high. This is important because a vertical screen mainly captures sunlight at angles less than 45°.

All gable screens have a higher wear resistance, a longer lifespan and lasting suppleness when rolled.