Energy Saving Screens

Energy saving & highly translucent

Phormium offers 3 types of transparent energy saving screens. They are characterized by Phormium's unique woven technology. This makes the screens durable & strong and enables superior energy saving

PhormiTex Clear enhances air humidity and is therefore the perfect screen to grow young plants or to fully steer the climate if there are other dehumidification options. PhormiTex Bright and PhormiTex Super, on the other hand, are moisture regulating due to a refined acrylic yarn mesh. PhormiTex Super is a more diffuse energy saving screen and spreads direct incoming light into different directions.

With a transparent screen one chooses for maximum screening hours. A transparent screen allows you to use the screen with a minimal loss of sunlight. One can keep the screen closed in the morning or during cold days. An alternative is a highly insulating aluminum night screen